Vladmir's Offering
Vladmir's Offering
Price: 2050
Bought From: Supportive Vestments
An eerie mask that is haunted with the malice of a fallen vampire.
+2 HP/sec regeneration
Vampiric Aura (passive)
Damage Aura (passive)
Armor Aura (passive)
Mana Regeneration Aura (passive)
Additional Information:

Vampiric Aura
+16% Lifesteal
Only affects melee units
900 AoE


Damage Aura
+15% damage
Bonus damage is based off of base damage and damage from attribute points
900 AoE


Armor Aura
+5 armor
Does not stack with armor auras from Assault Cuirass, Ring of Basilius, or Vladmir's Offering
900 AoE


Mana Regeneration Aura
+0.8 mana regeneration
900 AoE

-Mask of Death (900)
-Ring of Basilius (500)
-Ring of Regeneration (350)
-Vladmir's Offering (300)