Price: 600
Bought From: Ancient of Wonders
A magical bottle that has survived through the ages. It can store healing water and runes.
Regenerate (active)
Rune Capture (active)
Additional Information:

Refills to 3/3 full when you are near the fountain


Restores 135 HP and 70 Mana over 3 seconds
Effect ends if you take damage
When used, 3/3 full Bottle changes to 2/3 full, 2/3 Bottle changes to 1/3 full, and 1/3 full Bottle changes to Empty Bottle
Cannot be used when Bottle is empty
Has a 0.5 second cooldown


Rune Capture
Stores the target rune in the Bottle, the rune can be used by using the Bottle
When a rune is used from the Bottle, the Bottle is refilled to 3/3 full
Stored runes are automatically used after 120 seconds
Can only be used when Bottle is empty
Bottle is not drop-able when it has a rune stored

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