Helm of the Dominator
Helm of the Dominator
Price: 1850
Bought From: Enchanted Artifacts
The powerful headpiece of a dead necromancer.
+20 damage
+5 armor
Lifesteal (passive)
Dominate (active)
Additional Information:

Can be disassembled


Gives 15% Lifesteal on attacks
Orb effect


Brings the target non-hero non-ancient unit under your control
Dominated unit lasts for 20 minutes, after which it dies
Dominated unit is not able to block other units from moving
Spells last the same duration on Dominated units as they would on a hero
Costs 75 mana, has a 300 second cooldown, and a 700 cast range

-Helm of Iron Will (950)
-Mask of Death (900)