An outcast of the Spirithoof clan, Barathrum retreated in shame to the Ethereal Plane, feeding off wandering souls to sustain himself, and wandered aimlessly for centuries, alone and miserable. Found and recruited by the Lich King, Barathrum's uncanny speed and wraithlike powers have now been unleashed upon the Material Plane, his lantern able to project nether energy into enemies, sending them backwards with sudden force. With the ability to close the distance between himself and a target in seconds, Barathrum the Spiritbreaker is more than a match for anyone.
Strength - 23 + 2.5
Agility - 17 + 1.7
Intelligence - 15 + 1.8
Learns Charge of Darkness, Greater Bash, Empowering Haste, and Nether Strike.
Attack range of 100 (melee).
Movement speed of 295.