Ursa Warrior

Before the invasion of the Scourge, a race of intelligent bears called furbolgs cultivated a quiet spiritual society deep in the heart of Azshara. With most of their kind murdered and corrupted by the Undead, the normally isolated furbolgs were forced to flee to the Sentinel for protection. In revenge, the furbolgs have sent their mightiest Ursa Warrior into battle on those who dare to disturb them again. Enraged by the defilement of his people's sacred land, Ulfsaar is able to channel his fury into a series of extremely quick and brutal swipes, using his razor-sharp claws to overpower his foes and literally tear them apart.
Strength - 23 + 2.9
Agility - 18 + 2.1
Intelligence - 16 + 1.5
Learns Overpower, Earthshock, Fury Swipes, and Enrage.
Attack range of 100 (melee).
Movement speed of 310.