Ogre Magi

Ogres, a race bred to be warriors, have no experience with the arcane arts, leaving Aggron, who was born with a rare affinity to magic, without guidance regarding his innate abilities. His own force of will harnesses his talent to produce elemental flames and explosions that consume his opponents. Being a natural warrior, he reaches into his own aggression to fuel his comrades' lust for battle. His savage, untapped magical potential is prone to fiery outbursts which enhance the potency of his spells. A towering force built on strength and magic, Aggron is honored by his people and feared by his enemies.
Strength - 23 + 3.20
Agility - 14 + 1.55
Intelligence - 17 + 2.4
Learns Ignite, Fireblast, Bloodlust, and Multi Cast.
Attack range of 100 (melee).
Movement speed of 295., adept at offensive combat and disrupting enemy troops. Can learn Storm Bolt, Thunder Clap, Bash and Avatar.