Witch Doctor

Vol'Jin is a risk-taker. Anyone who has ever crossed paths with him can tell you that. As a voodoo priest, you need a certain degree of it. It's too bad he never learned the value of discretion. Vol'Jin's experiments in jungle magic yielded brilliant results- the ability to mend wounds, casks filled with paralyzing combinations of herbs that could scatter for miles, and even a curse capable of stripping the life force from a living being. Of course, no amount of power gained goes without notice. As Vol'Jin's experiments became more and more unstable and destructive, the Lich King made his move.
Strength - 16 + 1.8
Agility - 13 + 1.4
Intelligence - 24 + 2.9
Learns Paralyzing Cask, Voodoo Restoration, Maledict, and Death Ward.
Attack range of 600.
Movement speed of 305.